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About Color Chooser

Color Chooser was developed by David Baker,
Color Chooser is offered under the GPLv2 license for anyone and everyone to use and modify, see license for more info.
Please enjoy!

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    You will need Microsoft .Net 4.0 installed to run this program

    Using Color Chooser

    Color Chooser is made to allow three different ways for finding the hexadecimal value of the color you're looking for.

    1. RGB to Hex Conversion
    2. Windows Color Dialog
    3. Common Color Presets


    After selecting a color, you can then apply it to an expandable preview panel. This panel, while hidden at first, is easily accessible from the menu, and shortcut keys. The preview panel allows you to set a color to the background and foreground to get an idea of how colors will look together.


    Clicking on the small preview panel will open a larger dialog box. The larger preview pane has a block of text to view in the colors that you have chosen, in order to get a better view of how larger amounts of text will look.


    When you're done selecting the colors you need, you can then save your background and foreground colors to a text file that contains a block of CSS code to copy and use.


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